Thursday, September 10, 2009

website analysis

The website is clearly a hoax for many reasons. First of all, the author’s name is not stated and they are not talking about him. Neither is there any link to any possible information about the author or his sponsor. There is no information about the time or the date at which the site was last updated. A small part of the website is dedicated to get a free sample. It is clearly a fake since they are not checking if the information you gave them is true. But, even if we do not have many information, we know that the company headquarter is situated in Los Angeles in the United States. The main objective of the website is obviously not to inform the public, but to make profit by selling us dehydrated water. There are clearly some false informations like the fact that you can not dehydrate water. Even thought the website has a lot of errors and disadvantages, they have been able to make a beautiful and attractive background that incite the consumers to buy their product.

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