Thursday, September 24, 2009

St-Hubert side

The students of ENA of St-Hubert are definitely internet natives compared to students of the CEN or Longueil. First of all, the first question asked to the students was “How do you feel about technology” and no students in the ENA answered that they were not comfortable with electronic devices. In contrast some students from Longueil said that they had problems with electronic devices. ENA students also use more often the new technology to watch video on the internet and to do their homework. While the Longueil students use their computer mainly for their homework, ENA students use it for more general-purpose stuff. For the online social networking sites, ENA students exploit it way more than Longueil students as shown in the quiz. Internet, Radio and Tv are all medias that are used more by St-Hubert Students by a pretty large margin for most of these. Even though they’re the one who are the most used to these media, they’re able to make their own mind about various subjects that they hear in the news by assuming it could be the journalist’s point of view.

Marc-André and Éric

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