Thursday, September 3, 2009


Molson Beer

The ad tells the story of a young man giving a speech during a conference about how proud he is to be Canadian. He counters the main Canadian stereotypes by saying that he doesn’t live in an igloo; he’s not a lumberjack, etc. There is no dialogue; in fact it is a very passionate and persuasive monologue. There is no narrator at all. The tone of the ad is humorous because the purpose of the ad is not to inform people about a serious product, but more to entertain. You drink beer when you want to have a good time. The music gives a serious tone to the ad; it feels more intense and powerful than it really is. There is a big close-up of the man at the beginning of the ad to show the convincing emotion on his face. There is also a low-angle to emphasize the fact that Canadians speak English and French. There are long-shots to show the images on the big screen; because they have more impact. The camera work is really interesting in general for the reasons explained above. At the very end, there are big printed words: I AM CANADIAN. "Canadian" refers to the name of the beer and it has an important patriotic effect. The message demonstrates clearly that we should be proud to be Canadian, and that our beer is definitely the Molson Canadian. They try to convince us and we think they really succeed because we are definitely going to drink a few beers after class!

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