Thursday, September 24, 2009

The real Digital Natives

About ‘’ Who are the real Digital Natives? ‘’, statistics show that Longueuil are the real ones. First, there is the question ‘’How do you feel about technology?’’, which 46.8% of the people from St-Hubert answered they loved it, versus 56.4% for the Longueuil students. As for an other question, ‘’What kind of tings do you use computer for?’’, St-Hubert students responded at 83,3% to text chat with friends, against 92,3% of Longueuil’s. Also, to the same question, 74,4% of Longueuil students claim to share information with sites like Facebook compared to 54,2% for St-Hubert. An major difference between the two groups is, for the same question again, the answer: ‘’to create websites, blogs and etc’’. St-Hubert compares it’s low 2,1% to a 30,8% of Longueuil students. As a final comparison, the St-Hubert students use computer for entertainment in a proportion of 22,9%, while 33.3% of Longueuil students use it for the same purpose. To conclude, it is clear that the students in Longueuil are the real Digital Natives based on the statistics displayed above.

Article written by Roger and Jérome

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