Thursday, September 10, 2009


First of all, the name of the author does not appear at all on the website, but there is a phone number to contact the distribution center. The qualifications of the author and sponsor are not mentioned, so we just don’t know if it is a reliable source. Since we have no idea about their qualifications, we should not believe as true the information presented on the website, or we should at least double-check. It doesn’t seem professional because of the informal language, and we have never heard of the dehydrated water so we can easily guess that it is not a reputable source. The subject matter of the website is about the pollution of the public water supply; they tell us that our water is “dangerous”. The information is really accessible, you can find everything you want, such as an online store, the contact info, etc., without difficulty. They don’t inform us about the website's last update so it is impossible to know if the date is appropriate for our research. The location of the information is obviously mentioned if you click on Contact info. The website is visibly designed to sell a product (their dehydrated water) and to change our point of view about earthly concerns. You just have to read a few lines and you will immediately notice false information mostly in the frequently asked questions section. Here are some good examples to demonstrate the quality of the information you can find:
"I urinate too frequently. Will it help me with that?”
Response: No, stop drinking a case of beer every day and that should help. If compulsive urination persists, contact your doctor.
"How do I spit it out if I don't like it?"
Response: Simply exhale and the dehydrated water will leave your body.

We think those citations prove very well that this site is not trustworthy! Finally, there are not as many ads as many good websites and it shows that the website may not afford it because of its mediocrity. Obviously, it doesn’t take a really smart head to realise that this website is fake because dehydrated water can’t even exist!

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