Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are digital natives because we love technology! A high 56,4% of Longueuil students responded that we love technology while 46,8% of St-Hubert students love technology. That means that students are well educated in the Longueuil students than St-Hubert students. Technology is necessary for most part of our education. It is the international language. However, only one person responded that he`s not comfortable with the electronic devices. Computers are used for different matters. One of the most important is the instant messaging. It is important for students to talk instantly rather than sending emails and not getting responded. Uploading more pictures is one important way to share memories with your friends and family instead of printing and sending by post office. Also, Longueil students are being more creative by creating websites, blogs, etc. The percentages are about 83% higher than St-Hubert students if we calculate by number of students. Longueil students like to diversify uses because computer is an important use of daily life. It is important to entertain yourself on a computer because you can look up movies when you can’t borrow it from a store and play computer games. For example, for the blogs Longueuil students have around 2% more than St-Hubert students, 18% of Longueuil students use it often while it is 10% for St-Hubert students and most importantly, 5% of Longueuil students are experts compared to 0%. Longueuil students usually get their news from family and friends via instant messenger, the new way of communication for the previous decade. We use computer mainly for work because 5% of longueuil students use it for work and that`s how we assume that the story is true and feel better informed in the news.

Qais and Minh

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