Thursday, September 24, 2009

ENA students are the REAL deal

Which students are more digital? ENA (St. Hubert)
The ENA St-Hubert students confirmed that they are the real digital natives. The results of a questionnaire seems to indicate that the ENA students have no feeling about whether they like or not technology since it is within ENA students. They use technology to do a multitude of things since they're lifestyle obligates them to live with technology and the consequences of this makes them more familiar with technology.
Homework, entertainment, hobbies, and other normal activities are in their daily lifestyles. Since news aren't always a source of reliable information and influence a lot the population about subjects like politics that have a link with the government.
ENA students are more likely to inform themselves on different websites. Compared to CEM Longueuil students aren't as skillful ENa students, so they tend to believe in the News on TV rather than going to see on the internet or they prefer to listen to gossips and other people's ignorant point of view.
They prefer to use old methods for their studying like looking to look at the local libraries rather than going to internet, they are clearly wasting their time when they go on social websites on Facebook, Youtube, Hi5, Myspace, etcetera. Unlike ENA students who prefer to not waste any minute in their lives.

Gerson and David

The real Digital Natives

About ‘’ Who are the real Digital Natives? ‘’, statistics show that Longueuil are the real ones. First, there is the question ‘’How do you feel about technology?’’, which 46.8% of the people from St-Hubert answered they loved it, versus 56.4% for the Longueuil students. As for an other question, ‘’What kind of tings do you use computer for?’’, St-Hubert students responded at 83,3% to text chat with friends, against 92,3% of Longueuil’s. Also, to the same question, 74,4% of Longueuil students claim to share information with sites like Facebook compared to 54,2% for St-Hubert. An major difference between the two groups is, for the same question again, the answer: ‘’to create websites, blogs and etc’’. St-Hubert compares it’s low 2,1% to a 30,8% of Longueuil students. As a final comparison, the St-Hubert students use computer for entertainment in a proportion of 22,9%, while 33.3% of Longueuil students use it for the same purpose. To conclude, it is clear that the students in Longueuil are the real Digital Natives based on the statistics displayed above.

Article written by Roger and Jérome

At the beginning of this school year, a survey has been filled in by students of both l’ENA and CEM schools to show how technology is important nowadays. After taking a closer look to the results, we can proudly affirm that Longueuil, College Édouard-Montpetit’s students are definitely the real Digital Natives.

First of all, the results show that 56.4% of CEM’s students love technology; they feel good about it and they are comfortable using it. On the other hand, 46. 8% of ENA’s students love it. In addition, CEM’s students use computers more often. For example, they use it not only for school, but also for work, to text chat, to share photos and information on Facebook, etc. We found out that Longueuil’s students use a lot more Internet to create websites and blogs (30.8%) compared to 2.1% of Saint-Hubert’s students. We are undeniably addicted to technology! We have discovered that Édouard-Montpetit’s students are more expert to create blogs, online videos and social networking sites. Moreover, we realized that ENA’s students, for the most part, are less aware of today’s technology than we actually are. Brief, we are professionals. The way that we get our news proves that we have a social life, because we mostly get it from Internet and our friends and family. We still communicate! Also, when we listen to a news report, 61% of us trust the information compared to 54%, but we assume that there may be a missing or falsified part. We still feel better informed after watching a news report (38% compared to 25%).

Finally, according to the up to date results, we can say without a doubt that Édouard-Montpetit’s students are the Digital Natives; they are absolutely born in technology. We could even say that they couldn’t live without it; especially without Internet and cell phones.

Survey Analysis

After analysing the survey results, we can definitely say that Longueuil students are digital natives and that the ENA students are immigrant natives. After asking them how they feel about technology, more than the half of the Longueuil students (56.4%) said that they love it, which is 9.6% more than what the ENA students said. Another reason why we can say that Longueuil students are digital natives is because 59% use it for work and their entertainment. When we look at the ENA students results, we can see that only 2.1% use technology for work and 22.9% for their entertainment. We can also say that Longueuil students are digital natives because 12.8% of them are experts and creators of online videos compared to 2.1% for ENA. The most persuasive argument is that as a digital native, we have to know how technology works. We can see that 30.8% of the Longueuil students use their computer to create websites and blogs, which means that they do know how technology works. On the other side, only 2.1% of the ENA students do.

Maxime and Daycel

St-Hubert side

The students of ENA of St-Hubert are definitely internet natives compared to students of the CEN or Longueil. First of all, the first question asked to the students was “How do you feel about technology” and no students in the ENA answered that they were not comfortable with electronic devices. In contrast some students from Longueil said that they had problems with electronic devices. ENA students also use more often the new technology to watch video on the internet and to do their homework. While the Longueil students use their computer mainly for their homework, ENA students use it for more general-purpose stuff. For the online social networking sites, ENA students exploit it way more than Longueil students as shown in the quiz. Internet, Radio and Tv are all medias that are used more by St-Hubert Students by a pretty large margin for most of these. Even though they’re the one who are the most used to these media, they’re able to make their own mind about various subjects that they hear in the news by assuming it could be the journalist’s point of view.

Marc-André and Éric
We are digital natives because we love technology! A high 56,4% of Longueuil students responded that we love technology while 46,8% of St-Hubert students love technology. That means that students are well educated in the Longueuil students than St-Hubert students. Technology is necessary for most part of our education. It is the international language. However, only one person responded that he`s not comfortable with the electronic devices. Computers are used for different matters. One of the most important is the instant messaging. It is important for students to talk instantly rather than sending emails and not getting responded. Uploading more pictures is one important way to share memories with your friends and family instead of printing and sending by post office. Also, Longueil students are being more creative by creating websites, blogs, etc. The percentages are about 83% higher than St-Hubert students if we calculate by number of students. Longueil students like to diversify uses because computer is an important use of daily life. It is important to entertain yourself on a computer because you can look up movies when you can’t borrow it from a store and play computer games. For example, for the blogs Longueuil students have around 2% more than St-Hubert students, 18% of Longueuil students use it often while it is 10% for St-Hubert students and most importantly, 5% of Longueuil students are experts compared to 0%. Longueuil students usually get their news from family and friends via instant messenger, the new way of communication for the previous decade. We use computer mainly for work because 5% of longueuil students use it for work and that`s how we assume that the story is true and feel better informed in the news.

Qais and Minh

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clones-R-Us website fake for sure!

We actually tried looking at for theClones-R-Us website and we only found stuff coming from not reliables websites like geocities or freewebs. The company behind the website is greentechnologies, but we cannot verify any reliable name because the «about us»section cannot display the real author’s information.
The guessbook section clearly shows that this site is nothing more than a prank website. So the authors doesn’t have a clear reliable qualification or source than can ensure us whether is fake or not.
The content of this website is not suitable for research since the sources aren’t suitable because, the design of this website is more like an amateursite.
We found grammar errors, spelling errors,etc. The links found in the links page are not available, not found or they look really amateur so absolutely not reliable and it was last updated in 2006.

Colnes R Us

This website seems to have being posted by doctors who practices cloning. First of all, cloning is illegal so anybody who would buy things on this website would break the law. Secondly this site has not been updated since December 11, 2005. If somebody was making a research on cloning this site is absolutely not appropriate and full of stupid stuff like this website got five awards that don’t mean anything. Plus this site has been created in Philippine where we don’t even know what the laws are. So this site can be a fraudulent site. As soon as you see this website you already know that there’s only false information on it and that if you’re dumb enough to send your money to them you won’t get nothing back, or if you get something back it won’t be what you thought it would be. The links on it are old and they lead to some false things. One of the links even brings you to the Raelian Movement!! Anyways be careful to what you read on internet because it might not always be true.

First of all, the name of the author does not appear at all on the website, but there is a phone number to contact the distribution center. The qualifications of the author and sponsor are not mentioned, so we just don’t know if it is a reliable source. Since we have no idea about their qualifications, we should not believe as true the information presented on the website, or we should at least double-check. It doesn’t seem professional because of the informal language, and we have never heard of the dehydrated water so we can easily guess that it is not a reputable source. The subject matter of the website is about the pollution of the public water supply; they tell us that our water is “dangerous”. The information is really accessible, you can find everything you want, such as an online store, the contact info, etc., without difficulty. They don’t inform us about the website's last update so it is impossible to know if the date is appropriate for our research. The location of the information is obviously mentioned if you click on Contact info. The website is visibly designed to sell a product (their dehydrated water) and to change our point of view about earthly concerns. You just have to read a few lines and you will immediately notice false information mostly in the frequently asked questions section. Here are some good examples to demonstrate the quality of the information you can find:
"I urinate too frequently. Will it help me with that?”
Response: No, stop drinking a case of beer every day and that should help. If compulsive urination persists, contact your doctor.
"How do I spit it out if I don't like it?"
Response: Simply exhale and the dehydrated water will leave your body.

We think those citations prove very well that this site is not trustworthy! Finally, there are not as many ads as many good websites and it shows that the website may not afford it because of its mediocrity. Obviously, it doesn’t take a really smart head to realise that this website is fake because dehydrated water can’t even exist!

Selecting appropriate websites

Analysis of

The name of the sponsor is clearly indicated, but we have never heard of it. No one in the company has a degree; if they had one, they would have mentioned it. We have a link to know how to contact this company, but we don’t know who we have to reach. It could be a wrong number and we could talk to someone that doesn’t know about dehydrated water. It is not a reliable source because in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), the questions and the answers are weirdly answered. For example :
``Question : "How do I spit it out if I don't like it?"
Response: Simply exhale and the dehydrated water will leave your body.``

Also, this picture reveals that it is not a real site. They are supposed to purify water with chemical supplies. But, is this picture supposed to represent chemistry?

The website is not well designed because the font is big in the middle of the page and smaller on the sides. The writtings are basically different in the media icon. This site looks like a blog instead of a real site. It was created to inform people about the special water they sell. They really want us to buy water and to convince us, because they are ready to send us free sample. The company is looking for employees and they are supposed only to sell the product instead of looking for people. Also, the advantages they offer are very funny and that make us think it is not a real company. Here are some examples of funny advantages :

``-Free transportation to work by mule
-Ketchup packets from McDonalds
-Usage of our customers' credit cards
-Unlimited toilet paper
-Air conditioned office (Winter months only)
-Unlimited Stress
-Napkins from Del Taco
-Straws from 7-Eleven
-Free paper clips
-Harassment of all sorts``

Finally, this site is not a good site for many reasons all mentioned above.

Clones-R-Us Analyzis

On this website, the name of the author is not identified, and neither are the sponsors. We don’t know the qualifications of the author or the effects the sponsors may have on the product. Therefore, we cannot certify that this website is a reliable source. Even though the site is visually well constructed, it provides information and statistics for which we don’t have any sources. The last update date is not provided by the author and the guestbook entries end in 2001. A post in the About Us section indicates us that “The content is out of date; in fact - incredibly - some of the concepts in the website, like the cloning of pet cats, have actually come true.” In conclusion, we don’t know much about the author and his motives, but this site seems like a well organized hoax to revive the debate about advanced medical cloning technologies. Fortunately, in the About Us section, the author says: “As you've hopefully realized, this site is a spoof site, which simulates one possible ramification from advances in cloning science. “

Clone-R-Us website analyse

The author of this website is one of the founders of Vetsin Productions, a web development company in Cebu City, Philippines. The link giving on the site is a fake one, so the author of the site does not seem to be qualified nor a reputable source because when we press on the link it gives us a red page written on it just Vetsin and nothing else. We didn’t see in the majority of the website spelling or grammatical mistakes. The content of the website isn’t appropriate for a research but is well designed so you can find easily the information you seek. The website itself says that the information is out of date in the remarks. This site is a comedy of a website because no serious company will consider selling clones with the present laws and you can see that in the guestbook everyone takes this website as a joke.