Thursday, September 10, 2009

Colnes R Us

This website seems to have being posted by doctors who practices cloning. First of all, cloning is illegal so anybody who would buy things on this website would break the law. Secondly this site has not been updated since December 11, 2005. If somebody was making a research on cloning this site is absolutely not appropriate and full of stupid stuff like this website got five awards that don’t mean anything. Plus this site has been created in Philippine where we don’t even know what the laws are. So this site can be a fraudulent site. As soon as you see this website you already know that there’s only false information on it and that if you’re dumb enough to send your money to them you won’t get nothing back, or if you get something back it won’t be what you thought it would be. The links on it are old and they lead to some false things. One of the links even brings you to the Raelian Movement!! Anyways be careful to what you read on internet because it might not always be true.

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