Thursday, September 10, 2009

Selecting appropriate websites

Analysis of

The name of the sponsor is clearly indicated, but we have never heard of it. No one in the company has a degree; if they had one, they would have mentioned it. We have a link to know how to contact this company, but we don’t know who we have to reach. It could be a wrong number and we could talk to someone that doesn’t know about dehydrated water. It is not a reliable source because in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), the questions and the answers are weirdly answered. For example :
``Question : "How do I spit it out if I don't like it?"
Response: Simply exhale and the dehydrated water will leave your body.``

Also, this picture reveals that it is not a real site. They are supposed to purify water with chemical supplies. But, is this picture supposed to represent chemistry?

The website is not well designed because the font is big in the middle of the page and smaller on the sides. The writtings are basically different in the media icon. This site looks like a blog instead of a real site. It was created to inform people about the special water they sell. They really want us to buy water and to convince us, because they are ready to send us free sample. The company is looking for employees and they are supposed only to sell the product instead of looking for people. Also, the advantages they offer are very funny and that make us think it is not a real company. Here are some examples of funny advantages :

``-Free transportation to work by mule
-Ketchup packets from McDonalds
-Usage of our customers' credit cards
-Unlimited toilet paper
-Air conditioned office (Winter months only)
-Unlimited Stress
-Napkins from Del Taco
-Straws from 7-Eleven
-Free paper clips
-Harassment of all sorts``

Finally, this site is not a good site for many reasons all mentioned above.

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