Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clones-R-Us Analyzis

On this website, the name of the author is not identified, and neither are the sponsors. We don’t know the qualifications of the author or the effects the sponsors may have on the product. Therefore, we cannot certify that this website is a reliable source. Even though the site is visually well constructed, it provides information and statistics for which we don’t have any sources. The last update date is not provided by the author and the guestbook entries end in 2001. A post in the About Us section indicates us that “The content is out of date; in fact - incredibly - some of the concepts in the website, like the cloning of pet cats, have actually come true.” In conclusion, we don’t know much about the author and his motives, but this site seems like a well organized hoax to revive the debate about advanced medical cloning technologies. Fortunately, in the About Us section, the author says: “As you've hopefully realized, this site is a spoof site, which simulates one possible ramification from advances in cloning science. “

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