Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Survey Summary

Now that you have collected data for a survey, you will write up a summary of the findings. In your summary you will:
  • describe the purpose of your survey
  • describe the survey results (the number of respondents, the types of questions, etc) followed by an analysis of the results (your interpretation of the data)
  • explain whether or not the survey met your goals and why or why not. Elaborate on what you learned from the data and from creating a survey and what you would do differently in a future survey.
Post your summary directly under the link for your survey.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Survey on Dental Hygiene

We made up a survey on dental hygiene to know more about the good or bad habits people have with their teeth. 17 people answered our survey. The questions in the survey were designed to know how much people care about their teeth, if they ever had dental work and how important it is for them to go to the dentist. It surprised us to see that 50% of the people who answered floss their teeth once a day. It's way more then we expected. In general, around 50% of them are careful with their teeth, are satisfied with them and had dental work done. However the majority thinks dental services are too expensive. We are satisfied with our survey even though a minority answered anything. If we have to do anything different in the future, we would choose better answering options.

Audrey R. and Mélissa T.

Analysis #2
We will try to interpretate the results the best we can of a survey related to dental care. The purpose of the survey was to find what are the habits concerning the dental hygiene of the Collège Édouard Montpetit students.

So far, 17 students responded to the survey. We have analysed the data and we found out very interesting things about the habits. In general, most of the students (56.3%) floss their teeth one time a day or more which represent a very good indicator about the flossing habits of the students. More than 3/4 of students think that their teeth are healty despite the fact that 40 % have one or more tooth cavities and 46.7% suffer from teeth sensitivity even dough around 90% of the college respondents claim to brush their teeth at least 2 times a day. It is interesting to notice that between 55 % and 60% of the students cares about having healthy good looking teeth. We also found that 11,8% of the respondent claims to never go to the dentist, which is not so dramatic but stunished ourselves.

Even dough we didn't create the survey, we can see that the questions answered the goal that was mentionned at the beginning. In the future, I think we should work with a survey that we have made ourselves and includes less long answer questions because those data are more complicated to interpret.

Olivier B. and Pascal B.