Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clones-R-Us website fake for sure!

We actually tried looking at for theClones-R-Us website and we only found stuff coming from not reliables websites like geocities or freewebs. The company behind the website is greentechnologies, but we cannot verify any reliable name because the «about us»section cannot display the real author’s information.
The guessbook section clearly shows that this site is nothing more than a prank website. So the authors doesn’t have a clear reliable qualification or source than can ensure us whether is fake or not.
The content of this website is not suitable for research since the sources aren’t suitable because, the design of this website is more like an amateursite.
We found grammar errors, spelling errors,etc. The links found in the links page are not available, not found or they look really amateur so absolutely not reliable and it was last updated in 2006.

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