Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Computer Network Management

Computer network management is a field that has been ever-growing in demand since the Dot-com bubble. In order to succeed in the industry, the network manager has to possess a variety of different practical computer skills: network infrastructure management, administering network services, managing relational databases, network security, hosting web sites, etc.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Photoshop - Abstract

Photoshop is a graphics editing program created in 1988 by Thomas Knoll. It’s now developped and published by Adobe systems and it’s the market leader for commercial image manipulation. There’s tons of possibility like small animation, created web page, create logo, posters and as we seen speed painting.


Taxes are the means the society developed to finance its needs such as schools and hospitals. The first register of this activity dates from more than 2000 years ago. Taxes exist in Canada since the time of the New France during the commerce of fur. However, the current Canadian Federal tax system started from the World War I.

SIMPLYACCOUNTING : A major accounting software

The Abstract


The very useful accounting software SimplyAccounting is produced and distributed by Sage. With its complexity and its complete different modules necessary for any enterprise, it’ the number one accounting software used by over 500’000 businessman in Canada. Not only can it make day-to-day operations, but it can also create reports that will help making wise decisions for the enterprise.

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Denture: How it's made

People are thinking that doing this kind of job is easy or even think that these dentures are industrially made, but it's not the truth, the denturologists have to do all the work by their own. The only thing made in industrie are the teeth we will use. The denturologist must choose an industrial impression carrier that will have the good size. This impression carrier will have to cover all the structures in the mouth without doing pressure on them. He must fill the impression carrier with the impression material and he insert it in the mouth. After he have an impression to do a perfect reproduction of the gum. For that he use plaster powder that will be mixed with water to do a dough that will be flowed in the impressions. In the half of an hour the dough will become hot and harder. When it return to the normal temperature he must remove the impressions and he will discover the gum reproduction. He will have to do a second impression carrier. He must take the plaster model that he had before and put a wax sheet over in order to allow him to have enough spaces for impression material. He will do a dough of Fast Tray and put it on his wax. That Fast Tray is a type of plastic that becomes hard with the ultraviolet light.He put it under the Ultraviolet light. He return in the clinic to take another impression. He take the bite to tell him where the inferior gum is in comparison with the superior gum. He take a sheet of wax and heat it until it will be soft but not liquid and put it on the teeth remaining and ask our patient to bite. When the wax is cold he pull it out. He return to the laboratory to draw the metal connector and he send it to a laboratorie. He take the two models and he put them in the articulator. It reproduces exactly the movements of the inferior jawbone. On the models he put wax where he will put the teeth lacking He will put the teeth that he will have sculpted before in the wax of the plaster model. After, he sculpt the wax so that it resembles the most has a natural gum. After he will bake this sculpture for 8 hours.

Jolène Brillon